At The PTSD Retreat…You are NOT forgotten here!

If you or a loved one is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), reach out to The PTSD Retreat. We are willing to travel to all parts of the world, to support you and your loved ones.


Military, Veterans, and all suffering with PTSD
Our primary market is military members, veterans and the families of these individuals, specifically those suffering with PTSD. We also work with anyone high risk for trauma, and  businesses hiring veterans and veteran family members.


When working with these individuals and their families, we teach the nature of PTSD from a physical-feeling standpoint, not just academically. In the military, the service members receive presentations annually. It is just one of many, and usually done in a dry, drawn-out manner commonly referred to as “Death by PowerPoint”.  They are taught how to recognize PTSD in their buddies but have difficulty recognizing it within themselves. This may be attributed to the fact that in such a tight-knit environment, where multiple individuals are struggling with PTSD, and are encouraged to “suck it up” and “drive on”, it is harder to see the abnormality of the symptoms until removed from the support of a “team” situation.

The instructors with The PTSD Retreat are veterans themselves, knowing the culture and military mindset, thus creating an instant relationship with the military members, veterans and families we reach. Further, most have a unique, personal perspective of PTSD. The empowering them with the ability to reach out to others and businesses, with an efficiency unparallelled. We have highly skilled instructors, with 10-30 years of service, on our staff, each with a wealth of information in leadership, management, and the training in PTSD as needed to work with individuals struggling with PTSD. Their presentations are poignant, descriptive and graphic, giving the clearest picture possible of the symptoms of PTSD, how to combat it, and how to support those with PTSD, both in personal and professional environments.

Unlike most organizations, we also have a unique comprehension of PTSD for individuals with high level clearances. This enables us to work with those struggling to deal with PTSD, and assist them with getting treatment in ways which work for keeping their clearance.

To know more, please contact The PTSD Retreat at (801) 580-1976