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PTSD Retreat

The PTSD Retreat is unique in its approach to education on PTSD, as well as in the methods used to combat the symptoms, by instructing from a thoroughly interactive, participatory standpoint, through graphic portrayal of the symptoms. In this manner, all can experience what those suffering from PTSD live with on a daily basis, getting a very concise picture of PTSD.


Education and Business Consultation on PTSD
Through our education and business consultation programs we can help make a veteran suffering from PTSD transition back to civilian life more smoothly.

Relaxation Techniques for PTSD
Relaxation Techniques for PTSD, taught by The PTSD Retreat, serve not only individuals with PTSD- including secondary PTSD, Complex PTSD, and Compassion Fatigue- and their families, but also those at high risk for PTSD, and for normal, every day stress relief.

PTSD Relaxation Techniques
These techniques have proven themselves over and over in military commanders, family members with a loved one suffering from anxiety, and stress associated with PTSD and otherwise, as well as the communities supporting and hiring our nations heroes.

Recover the Parent-Child Bond
Military children using these techniques have provided testimony stating these techniques are better than playing games, helps them sleep better, that they enjoyed learning the techniques, asked for more participation in practicing these techniques—further, these children are taking these techniques home with them, thus creating an opportunity to increase the parent-child bond so often damaged from long deployments away from home.

Increase Awareness
By increasing awareness of PTSD in not only veterans, but also their family members, and supporting communities, we create a more powerful national network that is better able to support future soldiers returning from combat war zones.

We empower local communities to increase their support from a more knowledgeable standpoint, and build bridges of communication for all those both diagnosed and undiagnosed with PTSD.


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